Most Dangerous Number In Business

Recently I experienced a client who found me in desperate need for more business.

Here’s the story plot…

He have been in the construction business for just a short time, 2 yrs to be exact. And during that point he got on a flying start.

He was inundated that has a constant flow on the job from the only client he previously. He stood a predictable stream of revenue and never were required to worry about being out at work…

That was until his client thought we would retire and drive off in the sunset.

In the blink of your eye my client was out at work and his income run out.

What’s worse is that he previously zero knowledge in order to market his business effectively.

That’s when he located me and asked about to put things right… (which I did certainly).

What performs this have to do with you?

If you are business owner and you’re simply only depending upon one freelance copywriter, you are making a massive mistake.

Here’s the way goes.

Any decent freelance copywriter should have more than a few clients on his books and can almost always be busy masterminding their next winner.

You see, creating copy takes a tremendous amount of time and research. And in order for many people copywriters and keep our clients happy and craft copy that generates a bushel of greenbacks, we have to give each of our attention to one project at any given time.

And when the time comes so that you can call on the copywriter to whip up a victor (because you’re in demand of a payday flow surge etc)…

You’ll ought to wait!

Meaning you could be losing out on much needed business.

Listen, the business enterprise is moving for a 100 miles per hour and you must constantly be moving and maintaining your competition. Only having one copywriter in your books will severely handicap you.

The time WILL come if you urgently need your copywriter to bash out a success.

You ought to seriously consider having no less than two top drawer copywriters on your own books you can call upon without notice.

This way you might never have that will put anything on hold as a consequence of someone else’s work schedule and also you’ll KNOW that your copywriter will probably get to work on making a blockbuster section of copy in your case almost immediately.

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