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    5 Top Ways To Use Confectionery To Attract Customers


    As a marketing tool promotional products are not a new phenomenon. For decades millions of businesses across the world have used some form of promotional ‘showpiece’ to enhance the impact of their direct marketing campaigns with varying degrees of success. Perhaps you have too? But the point many of these businesses are missing is that the act of including a ‘showpiece’ with their direct marketing efforts is not an instant guarantee of success. Infact choose the wrong ‘showpiece’ and it could have a severely negative effect on the impact of the direct marketing campaign. After all how many times have you thrown away that branded pen, keyring, stubbie holder or mouse mat you didn’t really want? I’ve certainly have done it more times than I can remember. So what can your business do to maximise the impact of your direct marketing campaigns? The answer, I believe, can be drawn from that old adage ‘the way to man’s heart is through his stomach’. Or more specifically in business terms ‘the way to a customer’s attention is through their sweet tooth’. So what makes Promotional Confectionery so effective as a marketing tool? Well for a start everyone loves chocolates or lollies, or at least knows a colleague, friend or loved one with a sweet tooth. So the act of receiving a letter or a giveaway that contains a nice selection of chocolates or lollies with it is sure to be well received. Also Promotional Confectionery really does get you NOTICED. After all if you received 20 letters and flyers on your desk when the mail arrives which one will grab your attention? The 19 items that don’t have a promotional bag of chocolates or lollies attached to it or the one that does? If you can see the potential for your business of using chocolates and lollies as a promotional tool, then the 5 top ways to attract new clients with confectionery, that I have outlined below, is sure to be of interest. 5. Promo Bags An excellent option for a giveaway at conferences, exhibitions or street promotions, Promo Bags are an extremely cost effective way of promotiong your brand. The beauty about these Promo Bags, which consist of clear cellophane bags that are sealed for extra freshness and branded with your corporate sticker, is that you can put any amount of product in the bag – the standard is 50 grams although some clients have put up to 250 grams in them. Bright colourful Lollies or Jelly Bellys look especially good in them, but I would not recommend putting chocolates. 4. Promo Noodle Boxes If you are wanting to specifically use chocolate to spice up your marketing campaign then Promotional Noodle Boxes are the go for you. Not only do these boxes look great, especially when dressed with your corporate sticker or business card and complimentary coloured ribbon, but also they serve as a mini advevrtising board as the box can often sit on your potential client’s desk for a sustained period of time. One client of our proudly phoned me one day to let me know that his number one customer now uses the branded noodle box with his company sticker as a holder on her desk for paper clips. Therefore several times a day the number one customer looks at the box and thinks of my client. Needless to say he was very pleased. Once again you can place any product in the noodle box, although chocolate tends to be more popular and the products are placed into a cellophane bag which is tied to maintain freshness. 3. Corporate Confectionery Gifts Especially popular at Christmas, as an ‘Employee of the Month’ gift, or as a thank you to a client after the completion of a major product, Corporate Confectionery Gifts can involve more of an initial outlay, but does provide arguably the biggest impact. The only option where it is probably better to ‘go big’, a hamper or gift box full of chocolate bars and premium confectionery products is something which is guarateed to get you noticed. Everyone likes to receive a gift. It makes them feel special. Which of course is how any business should make their customers feel. 2. Corporate Branded Confectionery Again at the higher end cost wise but definitely worth the extra expense corporate branded chocolate bars or lolly bags are a brilliant way to promote your company at an event, conference or exhibition. Not only does the branding on the packaging really stand out but confectionery is much easier to giveaway at an event, conference or exhibition than other promotional products. It is important to be mindful of the quality of the confectionery item used, as horrid tasting chocolates and lollies will definitely not make you popular! But if you get it right then the lasting taste you will leave both on your potential client’s palate and their consciousness will hold your company in good stead. When designing the packaging don’t miss the opportunity to insert a ‘call to action’ or ‘promo code’ to increase the chances of the potential customer contacting you. 1. Lucky Dips The most popular choice of promotional confectionery item for events, street giveaways and general promotions Lucky Dips are essentially Promo Bags that are wrapped in colourful tissue paper. The air of anticipation and mystery it creates can cause a real buzz and because of the extra wrapping you can easily add a business card or comp slip to the package, which in turn allows you to convey even more about your company to the recipient.