Bad Decision

Things will go wrong without the proper team in position

I recently read a write-up that was wanting to explain the purchase price overrun felt by a hospital throughout the launch with their new EMR. The article was sure what caused the overrun but did not communicate why the choice was made that made the cause.

In many hospitals, emotions can run high fueled by attitudes of potential to deal with change. The pressures and stress linked to go-live is usually a challenge to deal with; however, allowing those forces to affect decision-making can offer lasting adverse financial effects. When all planning, budget, constraints, and sound judgment that should be applied are set aside, you may almost always expect the worse. It may seem like appeasement will be the right activity to relieve the load, however it may not be the great thing. Sticking to here is the plan, and staying in the budget should invariably be the guiding ingredient that drives decisions regardless if the pressure is excellent.

It’s unfortunate, however, many decisions depend on problems that would possibly not exist in any way but are only perceived determined by excessive negativity. Having an experienced team set up that can help make decisions according to fact is vital.

Negotiating Skills Do Pay Off!

When doing logistics, treat it like it is a personal money

Getting one of the better hotels within the city to provide you with the lowest rate with great concessions is extremely good. In this agreement, the resort managed the flight itineraries and provided transportation back and forth the airport. They supplied one large conference room for orientation after which surprised us from the contract having a complimentary welcome reception for 120 guests with heavy hors-d’oeuvres. Provided two fifty-six seat luxury buses and a lot of shuttles to move consultants for the training facility and back. They also opted for use their shuttles to look at those consultants that worked within two miles of hotel to figure and back on a daily basis. Everything mentioned was inside the price with the rooms $105.09 with tax. Note, this took a massive burden from the consulting firm, and also the savings were passed on on the hospital.

When a hospital hires a consulting firm, that consulting company should you want to all effort to economize, not spend some money. Creating a positive cost variance (CV) indicates the consulting firm is certainly on your team. Negotiating for the greatest price is good, but having the most value for the cheapest price is better.

Consultants Saved the Day!

Good consultants can indicate the difference between success and failure

I sat in a auditorium craigs list three hundred consultants if the speaker invited on the podium the senior implementation project manager. “Dr. So and So has overseen the EMR implementation of nineteen plus hospitals please provide him a round of applause.” Wow, nineteen projects that’s impressive. However, it turned into a challenging project in lots of areas but mainly with significant workflow issues.

Although it’s confusing why this occurs, it can be clear the leadership was outside of touch. Seeking someone with excellent qualifications might be attractive for almost any hospital, but having someone with all the insight that may eliminate issues before they exist is priceless. I am not sure why this project manager couldn’t know this.

Fortunate for anyone the consultants came using the experience and knowledge required to handle these kind of issues. Jumping into action and according to past experiences they began the operation of educating the workers and leadership on which works. This go-live could have never survived with no tremendous efforts with the consultant.

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