The Non-Secretarial Secretary: What You Need to Know About the Company Secretary

The “Company Secretary” is not your run-of-the-mill office secretary. In other words, it is not a clerical position. Instead this position is high level, good paying, professional, and may just get you the status you have always hoped you would attain in your career. The Company Secretary is a position that can be found in public corporations and this position often works hand-in-hand with the corporation’s Board and other high ranking executives, like the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Prior to doing my own research, I had not understood what this position entailed and the qualifications that are required to be a successful candidate for this position. The following is a summary of the position and likely duties one is expected to perform and what type of training one needs to be a potential candidate for this exciting profession.

As mentioned, this position is high ranking and high level. A good candidate will be strategic and capable of administering and overseeing a public corporation. Does this sound like a CEO? Well, in some ways they are very similar but this position should be the go-between for the CEO and the Board of Directors. A highly qualified candidate should understand local, state, and federal regulations that the corporation must follow. And this position must ensure that the corporation is in compliance with these regulations. That alone could touch all aspects of a corporation depending on its structure. This person must also balance the needs of the corporation against the demands of a sometimes political Board. Above all, this position must shoulder the total administration of the corporation in concert with many employees, clients, and Board members.

In order for one to be a successful candidate, you must have a suite of educational and job experience in your toolbox. The Corporate Secretary will have a degree in business, economics, public administration, or a closely related field. Given the expected duties that one will be in charge of, work experience is a must. Positions held in public corporations at an associate or higher level will give you the necessary training you need and will pepper your resume with all the right things.

Overall, this position is integral and important to many public corporations and could be an exciting career path for the right person; a person that is driven to do the right thing and ensure success. My entire perception has changed and has even led to some interesting conversations amongst friends and colleagues as to how this position could benefit various parts of our lives and careers.

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