What Your Competitors Dont Know About Every Door Direct Mail Program


Every Door Direct Mail Retail has been around since March of 2011. This program is so new, that many of the USPS employees have no idea that it exists. What this means for your business is that even your competitors don’t know about this secret direct mail marketing tool. I’m going to tell you a little bit about this program that and answer a few questions that will allow you to get one step ahead of your competition. Every Door Direct Mail is an amazing new program with USPS that allows retail businesses to mail postcards at 14.2 cents per postcard. Not only can you mail postcards, but you can also mail catalogs, brochures, samples, or anything else. You can mail anything to your customers as long as it meets “flat” requirements. What does “flat” requirements mean? It means that your mail piece needs to be atleast 6.25″ tall OR 11.5″ long as large as 12″x15.” That’s it. A flat is nothing more than a mail piece that is larger than a “letter” classification by the USPS. Every Door Direct Mail will allow you to mail to every one of the people in your neighborhood WITHOUT a mailing list. Yes, without a mailing list. How will the post office deliver mail, if it isn’t addressed? Simple! All you have to do is give the post office the amount of postcards that are in their carrier route and the mail carrier will simply deliver all of the mail to each household– Hence, the name “Ever Door Direct Mail” program. They will deliver to everyone in that mailing route your postcard for only 14.2 cents. Where do I find the routes? The post office has created a new website called Simplified Mailing Process located at . This website allows you to geo-target your area by zip code, city, or address and then you can map out the carrier routes that you want to mail to. Best of all this website will give you the paperwork necessary to give to the USPS mail clerk automatically. What else do I need to do? All you need to do is bundle your postcards (or any mail piece that meets flats requirements) in stacks of 50 and put the facing slip provided by the website on top of your stacks. Then bring a check or your debit to the local post office address which again, is provided with the USPS paperwork and they will accept your mail. This program enables small businesses like yours to harness the power of direct mail with little effort or cost. It is important to note that this has never been done by the USPS postal service before and the Every Door Direct Mail program is a test to generate more revenue for the post office. Based on the cost of this program, I believe it will be here to stay. I recommend that you take advantage of it, before your competitors do. can help you with your Every Door Direct Mail marketing postcard programs. We have helped thousands of businesses with their postcard marketing and we are experts in the Every Door Direct Mail program.

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